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komora za dekristalizaciju 1a

Chamber for decrystalization process (4m3)


komora za dekristalizaciju 2a


 komora za dekristalizaciju 1a

Decrystallization chamber for euro palette

1300x900x1200mm inner size (2x300kg)


dekristalizator sa poklopcem 

Decrystallizer with lid

  • width 260mm, lenght 510mm, height 400mm inner size, up to 50kg., 2kW heater

  • width 510mm, lenght 510mm, height 400mm inner size, up to 100kg., 2kW heater

  • lenght 760mm, width 510mm, height 400mm inner size, up to 150kg., 3kW heater

  • lenght 1010mm, width 510mm, height 400mm inner size, up to 200kg., 3kW heater

dekristalizator sa poklopcem 1 dekristalizator sa poklopcem 3 dekristalizator sa poklopcem 3



INOX decrystallizer for two buckets 

INOX decrystallizer for two buckets

Internal dimensions 360mm x 720mm, 2kW heater, with thermoregulation

 INOX decrystallizer for two buckets 2  INOX decrystallizer for two buckets 3
 INOX decrystallizer for four buckets

INOX decrystallizer for four buckets

Internal dimensions 710mm x 730mm, 3kW heater, with thermoregulation, maximum 120 kg

 INOX decrystallizer for four buckets 2  INOX decrystallizer for four buckets 3


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